Jette Noa Liv Bøge

Jette finds inspiration for her work with glass art from nature and life in different parts of the world where she has spent years studying, working and travelling, including Singapore, London, Iceland and Australia.

Jette discovered her passion for glass at Engelsholm Folk High School following an initial occupation with ceramics and pursued this interest in London, working in a glass studio which is where her and Sally were first introduced to each other. Upon graduating from the Kosta Glass School in Sweden, she started her own studio in Hobro, Denmark and has also assisted renowned glass artists across the country and in Iceland and USA, as well as exhibiting her works at cultural venues and events in Denmark and Sweden.

From a functional and pragmatic approach, Jette crafts designs varying between clean and organic shapes, valuing simplicity and using nature’s own textures and shapes from trees, stones, flowers, nuts, the colour compounds of animal furs. She also works with imprints in glass, allowing different objects to leave textures and traces as a distinctive mark. Works such as her hanging vases have combined glass with natural materials, including leather and beachcombing finds. Her popular series of optic bowls and vases with a diamond-faceted texture created with brass moulds make for striking and contemporary products for everyday life.

After a break from the arts and crafts world, Jette has rekindled with her passion for glass and builds on her diverse experience and insights, devising new expressions in the BLÆS collaboration.

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