​Sally Xenia Christensen

Sally is a glass designer and artist, working from an experimental approach in the juxtaposition of control and chance, traditional and digital tools and techniques in pursuit of new expressions.

Sally graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design and Surrey Institute of Art and Design in England and has built up an extensive curriculum of artistic residences and exhibitions spanning Norway, United Kingdom, Spain and Russia in addition to a multitude of cultural institutions in Denmark.

A key focus of her work in recent years has been the integration of digital tools including 3D applications, CNC and water cutting and 3D printing in the traditional design techniques and thereby uncovering new expressions as well as pushing the boundaries of the field of glass craft. By stopping the processes halfway through, the digital tools leave traces, resembling those of manual work. The result is a new aesthetics where a hybrid is created in the dialogue between digital and traditional techniques. Sally’s Hybrid-series received the Hetsch Medal (Danish Craft Award of 1879) in 2013 and the Håndfuglen Award by the Danish Crafts & Design Association (DKoD) for Best New Product in 2014.

In experimenting with digital tools for new expressions through the medium of glass, Sally has also captured the fleeting event of sound in her Soundscape works, blowing shapes from the soundwaves of voices and other sounds and accompanying some with their corresponding audio. The works were exhibited at Ebeltoft Glass Museum and Grønbechs Gård, Bornholms Centre for Arts and Crafts, 2016-2017. The exploration of methods of transforming fleeting concepts into glass and interpretive works is a recurring theme in her work and in the joint creations at BLÆS glass studio.

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