In collaboration with Rasmus Munk, renowned chef and founder of the two-star Michelin restaurant Alchemist, we have developed a series of products for his unique courses, making the design part of the holistic, sensory dining experience. The products include serving pieces for Alchemist’s ‘Coral Reef’, ‘Blood Diamond’, as well as ‘Sunburned Bikini’, an organically inspired piece, drawing associations to Barcelona’s beaches and stunning architecture, including the 1950’s Bikini concert hall from which the dish takes its name. There is a play with contrasts in the transparent glass materiality and the dense, sandy core, reflecting the experimental cuisine that turns a ham and cheese toast into a gourmet impression.


At a major industrial warehouse from the nineteenth century transformed into Reffen’s new indoor event space, Werkstatt, our wall and hanging lamps light up the exclusive restroom spaces. Produced from recycled glass from our own production, the lamps have a special blue opacity with each piece showing unique marks and textures from the creation process. The design reflects the venue’s raw and industrial appearance, playing with contrasts of exceptionally ornamental and dramatic features.   


Q8 is one of the future oriented organisations that are working on making transport greener through an initiative to develop more sustainable service stations with reduced energy use of 50% compared to regular stations. In collaboration with Tara Lunddahl Creative, we have designed and developed lamps for the café and restroom areas, using recycled glass which adds a distinctive blue tint and supports a strong and recognisable identity with the ability to provide a consistent expression across multiple locations.

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